Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Moving + 1st Birthdays

This life is so busy, and so so beautiful. Lucy just turned ONE which is completely insane to think about. Because of all the change that has happened in the last year (new baby, moving cross country, adjusting to military life, Kindergarten, buying a house and moving...) time has just flown by. I'm not quite sure how to write to both of you at the same time, but keeping two separate journals is proving to be time consuming. I will still do both, because there are things that I want to share that pertain directly to only one of you, but this space will be a place to share journeys and how your relationship grows through time.

It's one of the best things I've experienced to be able to watch the two of you grow together and see how much you love each other. The other day the two of you collided when you were playing, like your heads banged together and you both fell backwards. At first Madi was stunned and Lucy cried, but when Madi started crying, Lucy immediately stopped and stared at her with her bottom lip all pouty. Lucy crawled over to Madi and gave her the biggest kiss and hug trying to get her to stop crying. It was the sweetest thing.

Madi is constantly wanting to hold, hug, and kiss all over Lucy. Lucy is very heavy, so its difficult. But that doesn't stop Madi from trying.

a picture from Lucy's 1 year birthday photo shoot.
Looking Glass Photography

helping decorate at Lucy's first birthday party and sneaking jelly beans.

Lucy took a tumble into the door frame and got her first goose-egg, but she still devoured her cake and enjoyed her birthday party.

Nonna and Papaw flew up to celebrate with us.

I took this a couple of nights ago. I was bathing Lucy and Madi was creeping at the door. I asked Madi why she was standing there and she said, "because I love looking at your beautiful face, Mama!"

This picture was sent to me by Jacob, while on a date. Madi ran through the house that morning saying, "ITSDADDYMADIDATEDAY!"

I just finished updating journals. I hope that when you're older, you appreciate reading through them as much as I do. They have become such a special thing to me. When I first started Madi's, I thought that it would be special to her when she was older, and a mom as well. But I have fallen in love with the process just as much as I hoped she would. They are symbols of something greater to me, and I hope you both feel the same way when you're older.

It's winter right now in Connecticut. I, personally, am miserable. We live in such a beautiful area with beaches, mountains, rivers, and lots of things to do. But all of those things require warmer weather, so I feel a little trapped right now. I am SO looking forward to the Spring when we can get outside and do stuff without getting frostbite or windburn. Lucy constantly is pointing in the backyard wanting to go play, but we can't. Hopefully it'll start getting warmer and we can go explore everything. Last year Lucy was very little so we didn't do very much, but I plan to take full advantage this year.

I love you both so much it hurts.

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