Wednesday, March 2, 2016

2015 Picture Post

It's MOVING DAY! Relocating to Connecticut!

After a hard day of flights, we made it to our destination. Lucy slept the entire day in the K'tan wrap and Madi pretty much snacked the whole day.

We made it to the house, and reunited with Daddy.

Madi made friends within a week.

Pretty much Lucy's favorite past time.


Ocean Beach Park

Someone talked her Jacob into a hot pink highlight!

Heading to the carnival! May 2015

Riding roller coasters

The carnival wore someone out!

Mommy's turn to go to the carnival. Day 2! The faster, the better.

Uncle Matt cuddling Lucy

Exchanging flowers on the walk home

Red cheeks from chasing boys at the park

First she's sour, then she's sweet

Mystic Aquarium

The penguin loved Madi and wouldn't leave her

Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport, CT

Jacob put icing on Madi's face right when I snapped the picture. Sleeping sister thought it was funny too.

Playdate with our BFF's the Kissam's. Cameron, Madi, and Addison

Headed to Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Park

Our patio is the hangout location

My voluntary dishwasher

Geri and Kayleigh Kissam

Madi and her "boyfriend" Cameron ;)

Exploring her future elementary school

At the Planetarium

Doing some (light!) gardening with Mommy

Swimming at the lake on base

At the 4th of the July parade

Hanging out in the garage on a warm day

The face of a girl that's about to see her Nonna & Papaw! Summer Vacation!

View from our balcony

She ran up to this car and said "MOMMY send this to Jacob so he can see the kind of car I want when I'm big!!"

Grocery shopping at the beach is tiring

When Madi wants to dance, Bubba joins in

You were crying in the car until Madi gave you her Tigger, then you cuddled up with it and fell asleep

Ready to board another plane

No matter where we are, Madi always convinces Papaw to lay on the floor and play with her.


I laid Lucy on the bed to take her bathing suit off, but being naked made her so happy I left her. Then she peed. Kids are fun.

Madi made Granny take a selfie!

When you have a sister that's 5, you're always covered in stickers

Happy 5th birthday to Madi, and Happy 22nd birthday to Mommy!

Opening presents with Mr. Jeffrey

Mr. Campbell soup and Lucy talking amidst the chaos

Her teacher left her a note on our car while we were grocery shopping

Kindergarten Curriculum Night

Walking home from school

Madi picked this white board out for Jacob and leaves him "love notes" on it for him to read when she isn't home.

Sending family letters

Madi drew a face on the pumpkin and Mommy carved it.

Happy Halloween from a few witches

Papaw's first trick-or-treater

Trick-or-treating with the Kissams

Holmberg Orchards


Crazy hair day at school. Madi has always loved Mohawks and finally got to rock one!

Field trip to the Submarine Museum. She ran onto the submarine and yelled "My Daddy works on one of these!" and a bunch of her classmates yelled "Mine too!!"

Ugly Sweater party at the Kissam's house

Children's Museum of Southeastern CT

Madi's Christmas Sing-a-long

Matching Christmas PJ's

First time touching snow

10 degrees walking to school and Lucy was not amused

Headed to have a Starbucks date

First snow of the season

Lucy was not a fan of the snow at all

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