Friday, April 17, 2015

Fast Forward

Hi Honey.

The last time I posted here was about a year ago. Though I have written in your journal since then, I feel like I've definitely neglected this space. I so cherish this area where I've kept all my thoughts for you. I hope that you understand one day how hard I've tried to keep this line (and the journal) of communication open, and it's purely for you. I love you so dearly.

Some updates though...

We live in Connecticut now. I'm married. You have a new baby sister. WOAH I know. Let me catch you up.

Jacob. He's wonderful, as I'm sure you know by now. We met in college and he has been my saving grace ever since. I was (*am*) so in love with him and that only magnified x100 when I saw you love him and he love you. I was sold. We got married September of last year. Lucy was born in February of this year and she is absolutely perfect. You are smitten with her and so are we. You want to hold her and love her as much as I'll let you. As she's getting older and more durable you are getting to help out more. You pick out her clothes and fetch different things for me as I need them. You talk to her and rub her back when she needs some comfort. She got shots today and you were so upset. You said, "She needs shots?! But she's only zero! They'll hurt her!!" Then when the nurse came in the room with a handful of syringes you said, "DO YOU HAAAAVE TO DO THIS? SHES JUST SO LITTLE AND ITLL HURT HER!" You wanted to protect her even though you knew you couldn't. Me too, baby.

We moved here earlier this month. The adjustment hasn't been bad at all. Jacob fixed up your room in Hello Kitty stuff, bought you a cool bunk bed with a nook underneath, and a puppy! He really wanted you to feel comfortable and at home here, which I think you do. We are still sort of settling in but adventuring on the weekends and I can't wait to see more of the Northeast with you. We went to Ocean Beach the other day, which is about 10 minutes away and you said, "they have a vacation here?!" which means you are super excited that there is a beach here. Clear water, too.

I think we'll like it here. At least until we relocate again.

I've started a journal for Lucy just like I did with you. From now on, I'll be writing to you both. I'm not quite sure how to do this but that seems like the best idea. Here goes nothing.


I love you both so so much.

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