Monday, April 21, 2014

April 2014 [Interview!}

Hi baby,

I haven't written in a little while, which seems to be an ongoing trend. Going through college with a toddler is no joke. My days are spent with you and once you go to sleep, I spend half my night writing essays and doing research. It's all so so worth it though. You bring more joy to my life than I could have ever imagined, and it's only increasing as the days go by.

You will be 4 in a few months, which you're anxiously awaiting. Shannon and Michael will be having their new baby the first week of August. Kylie will be turning 10 that month. I will be 21. We will be going to Florida, like every summer, in June so I'm so excited to see how you like the beach this year. It seems every year you have a different reaction to it all.

We just celebrated Easter with the family. You spend Easter eve with Mimi and Daddy at a birthday party, then on Sunday we spent the day at home with Papaw's family. I used to worry whether or not you would sit quietly and eat, or if I would have to corral you to do so. But you do very well at listening and behaving now. You understand that you can't scream while everyone is trying to eat and talk, which is nice.

Right now you really love being outside. My allergies don't quite agree, so I have to take Claritin every morning. As a matter of fact, right now you're playing in your sand box while I'm sitting at the table typing a few feet from you. You're picking these little seeds off of the fallen tree branches and using them as "cherries" in your mixture. That's another thing that is changing as you get older, thankfully. You are more capable of playing and entertaining yourself with the random things that you find. It makes getting things done a whole lot easier. I also love to see you insert your imagination into things.

You love books, still. You really love the Mercer Mayer books right now. You laugh so hard at "ME TOO!" and "I WAS SO MAD." I remember reading those books when I was little so its something else to see you love them too. You just recently saw Monsters Inc for the first time and laughed the entire time.

Your favorite thing to do right now is to color. You have a permanent color station set up on the living room table and you spend a lot of your time there. You color everyone pictures and insist that everyone color with you.

I just asked you what your favorite thing to eat was and you said, "just... nothing," which is absolutely right. It's still really hard to get you to eat, though its improving. As long as it's a peanut butter and jelly, oatmeal, watermelon, chick-fil-a, cheese and crackers, gummies, or candy, you're good. But a vegetable? NOPE. We're working on it.

You're taking a dance class at school and you really really love it. You pliƩ and point your toe. You jump up and point your bent leg behind you, it's adorable. You also really love to kick soccer balls. You kick left footed though! I asked you to kick the ball with your right foot and you fell over. Which is funny because I always tumbled on my left side. If I tried to do a right handed cartwheel, I would probably break my neck.

We had a stray cat come up to the house about a year ago. She was scared and hungry so we fed her and she decided to stay. Well, about 6 months later we noticed she had a big belly. Fast forward a few months and she had kittens. You are beside yourself excited about these little kittens. There were four and you wanted to cuddle them all.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A dancer.
What is your favorite thing? Babies. Real babies.
Who is your favorite person? You, and Nonna and Papaw.
What are you most scared of? Bugs and bees.
What are some things you love to do? Play in the sand, and play with my babies.
Where are you favorite places to go? The mall to see the puppies and see Holly at her store.

Love you, baby.

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