Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Sweetest Things

So in the past several weeks, I started babysitting my nephew, Brody, two days a week. I keep him 2 days, and my mother-in-law keeps him the other two days. We were all a little nervous how Madi would react to the whole thing, because she isn't used to sharing me, and sharing her grandparents attention is still a little new. Even though I knew I could do it, I knew it would take some getting used to on my part too. Taking care of a toddler and a 9/10 month old by yourself is a lot.
I've so much enjoyed keeping him. He is the happiest little boy I have ever seen. He doesn't complain unless he's tired or hungry. Other than that, he's pretty much cool with anything. We take him anywhere, and he's just like "yeah, that sounds good." We were in and out of the car like 5 times one day and he never complained. It makes it a lot easier since Madi will ALWAYS tell you how she feels ;)
One thing, like I said above, I was worried about was Madi's reaction to having to share me. Instead of devoting all of my attention to her, I had to take care of him also. The first couple of days, she didn't like it so much. But once we all figured each other out, and our schedules started to mesh, things got much smoother. She now gets excited that "we have to go take care of Bowdee today." She shares her toys with him (mostly!), hugs him when he cries, and always makes sure he's not getting into something he's not supposed to. She gets a real kick out of it when I say, "I have to do something, watch him real quick while I run to the other room." She says, "Ok, Mommy!" and pretty much gives me a narrative the whole time I'm gone. "He's just playing with his toy! Crawling to another one!" I really think she would be a good big sister. Brody adores her too. When she is around, he can't do anything but look at her and smile. That adoration is seriously the sweetest thing to watch.
I love that I get to spend my days with them. They are the sweetest things. What's better than getting to play with a happy squishy boy that you can give back when his Daddy gets home? ;)
See how sweet?
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