Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

We started preparing for Mother's Day last week. We made cute little handprint flower bouquet crafts for all the Mom's. I let Madi make one for my Mom, Granny, and Grandma. Then I let Madi and Brody make one for Mimma and Mimi. They turned out so cute and they all loved them. There were a few other gifts with those, but those were definitely the highlight. The kids had so much fun making them (and slinging paint everywhere) too!

My Mother's Day gifts included getting my hair and toes done, pictures printed and framed from the wedding of Madi and I, orchids, and Starbucks gift card! I'd call that a successful Mother's Day. I also helped Kylie with the gift for her Mom which turned out SO cute.
We spent the day with family and ate lots of good food. All the Mom's loved their gifts and *hopefully* they truly realize how much we love all of them.
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  1. Hi, Taylor! I've read about your Mother's Day - sounds awesome. You and the girls look adorable on the pictures!


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