Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Watching: Her forever favorites are Dora The Explorer and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She's also sort of discovered Doc McStuffins but hasn't really made up her mind whether or not she likes it. She really likes watching Fox & The Hound II and Despicable Me. She giggles for days at both of them.
Reading: We made a Barnes & Noble run a few days ago and got some new books. She loves to read and has a full shelf of books. But a girl can never have too many books, right? So we picked up Octopus Alone, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and Corduroy. I can remember reading the last two as a kid, and she enjoys them both so much. Octopus Alone drew her attention just by the cover art and she loves the pictures in it. She points at the seahorses, and counts the jellyfish. I'm still not sure though if the Corduroy book we bought beats the lift-the-flap Corduroy's Birthday book she's been obsessed with for months though. Time will tell.

Loving: We went to Splashtown today with Clayton, Sherry, and Brody. I kind of thought that she would be scared of a lot of the stuff and we'd spend a couple hours there and call it a day. Boy did she surprise me. Like always. We spent very close to SIX hours there. We pretty much had to drag her out of the waterpark. She played in the kids area, the wave pool, we floated the lazy river, had snacks, then did it all over again. She was having such a good time. She's really getting the hang of the swimming thing too. We got her some good floaties and she got it down quick. Watching her dance and swim in the water was the cutest thing. I'm so glad we went. She'll definitely be talking about it for awhile. :)

Listening to: Well, we listen to a LOT of Kenny Chesney. If you know me, that doesn't come as a shock. But this little girl loves all music. We were in the wave pool today and all kinds of music was playing (Pit Bull, Jake Owen, Switchfoot, etc) and she was rocking out. When a song would end, she would say, "Make them play another one!" She's got rhythm too!

Making her happy: This is a long list... swimming, playing in the dirt outside, letting Mommy spray me with the waterhose, feeding PupPup sticks (lol), throwing rocks in the pond, picking Granny and Pawpaw flowers, babysitting Brody, going to Splashtown, hanging out with Izzy and Holly, going on dates with Mommy, eating dessert before dinner, Dora gummies, new babies from Nonna & Papaw, getting my nails painted, sharing homemade smoothies with Mommy, pet rocks, building "castles" out of blocks, singing songs before bedtime, cuddling in bed after waking up, going to the toy store, singing the "happy birthday" song, playing outside in the sun all day long.
As always, this post was inspired by the lovely Dani Hampton over at Sometimes Sweet.
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