Tuesday, April 30, 2013

3 Things

1. This month has been a whirlwind. School is finally wrapping up but with the closing of the semester, it seems like there's 4 papers, a project, and 3 assignments due every time class meets. BUT- it all pays off. Next Thursday will be my last day of class. I'm taking the summer off so things will *hopefully* be a lot calmer for awhile.
2. I've been so busy this month that I've neglected to write about our family vaca in San Antonio. It was definitely the highlight of our month (besides Brody coming home!!) so I feel like I should definitely talk about it and share a few pictures and stories. We stayed in San Antonio for two nights and while we were there, we visited Sea World and the San Antonio Zoo. It was a toss up between the two on which was Madi's favorite because she had such a good time at both. The Bay Of Play was her favorite thing at Sea World. She amazed me by climbing nets that were 15/20 ft off of the ground. She usually HATES heights but I guess she wanted to get up there bad enough. We saw Shamu, rode carousels, watched Daddy ride a big roller coaster, ate ice cream, saw a sea lion show, and watched Sesame Street characters put on a show! We had such a good day.
The San Antonio Zoo was our favorite (Clayton and I). It was a charming zoo that was built around the natural limestone and had SO much to see. It wasn't laid out as openly as the Houston Zoo, but I feel like that allowed us to get closer to the actual animals instead of feeling so far away. Madi saw so many animals that she loved. We kept having to convince her to leave one exhibit to see another one. We shopped and had dinner at the Quarry Market before heading home to rest. It was a wonderful weekend, just the three of us.
3. Our Brody Boo Boo is HOME! That was another awesome thing that happened this month. Our family is so happy to have him back with us. Madi and I will be keeping him this summer so definitely expect some posts about that little guy. Yesterday we took him to the park and he had so much fun watching Madi play and swinging in the swings. That little face just gets me. Such a sweet boy. Madi says, "Brody is MY baby. Not yours, Mommy. MINE." (I think she shares my adoration for him;))
I haven't meant to skip posts, it just seems like there's been one thing after another this month. But since I'll be with my babies all summer, that will change. The weather is getting warmer, school is letting out, and we're headed for a good (and hopefully calm) summer :)
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  1. Looks like such a fun-filled day! Little girl is as pretty as her momma.

    1. A fun filled day, indeed. You're sweet, thank you :)


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