Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shopping With A Toddler

I've had the shopping itch the past few days. So today we went and did a little shopping in The Woodlands for some Spring stuff. There were a whole lot of sales going on, so we ventured out.
By the time we get out of the door and get started, it's usually nearing up on Madi's nap time. When she's tired (like every other 2 year old... and human) she gets cranky. So I was happy when she dozed off in the car on the way there. She slept for about 20 minutes before we had to get out of the car. I think that helped a little to keep her happy while I was browsing. She snacked on Goldfish and talked as we made our way through 2 different stores. Then, she started getting restless.

We went into the third store and she kept asking to get "DOWN AND WALK!" I knew that she spotted these two little boys kicking this ball all around the store so I denied her request. That didn't make her happy. By the time we were checking out, she was standing up in her stroller and yelling random things while throwing other random things out of her stroller. She had had enough of this shopping-and-being-good thing.
Just as I was getting a little frazzled, the lady behind the checkout counter asked, "How old is she?" I told her she was "2 1/2 and acting every bit of it." I grinned at her and she responded by laughing and saying "It passes far too quickly. Enjoy it."
Here I am, trying to keep my toddler from destroying everything and this kind lady is telling me to appreciate it all. She looked about 40 and had probably been through this exact situation before. She was absolutely right. One day, she won't go with me to shop, she'll be out with her friends doing her own thing. She won't want to hold my hand and walk through the store, or tell me which shirts she likes. That's probably the most depressing thing I can think of at the moment. My little (sometimes rambunctious) baby girl all grown up and not giving me those little chaotic moments. I'll shop quietly and peacefully soon enough. For now, I'm going to smile and try to enjoy those little 2 year old moments.
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