Friday, March 15, 2013

Our Spring Break

We had so much fun during this week off from school. The latter part of the week was a tad more hectic than the beginning. But now that the week is coming to a close, I'm hoping for a nice and relaxing weekend ahead. In case you were wondering what we were up to...
The beginning of the week, we rested most of the time. I did a few projects for Madi's room. I hung some art/prints on her wall and hung a bulletin and dry erase board. Just part of my effort to make it "hers." I started Silver Linings Playbook on Saturday night, and finished it Monday. I hate when you get so into a book that you don't really know how to continue on when you finish it. (lol) We spent some time at parks around here. There has been such nice weather all week, we had to get out some. Tuesday, we went to a park in the Woodlands and I ran pushing her in the jogging stroller. It is 2x as hard as running by yourself. But she's good encouragement ;) Then Wednesday, Daddy came with us and we took turns running. He took her walking around while I ran, and then we traded. I beat my 5K time and chopped off 2 1/2 minutes. I was SO excited. On Wednesday night, Clayton and I went with some friends of mine from high school to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo to see Jake Owen. We had such a good time. The performance was amazing, and the company was even better.
Then the chaos began! We went to the Houston Children's Museum with our playdate buddies Holly and Izzy. Izzy's big sister Ellz came along for the ride too. So that's three adults, two toddlers, and an 8 year old, at the museum during Spring Break. It was crazy there. So many people, and lines, and kids, etc. You couldn't walk in a straight line for 4 feet without bumping into someone. However- the kids had a blast. We hung out in the main area for awhile and let them run around, and then found some quiet refuge in the Tot Spot. Madi led Clayton and I into a little area for toddlers that had no kids, and said, "Come on. There's too many people over there." I think the crowds got to her too. Despite the crowds, Madi left super excited about her day. Which was the main goal in the first place. Plus, we slept good that night for sure!
she's a kisser :*
the ever so popular squinty-eyed smile
On Friday, My mom, neice, Madi and I headed towards Galveston to go to Moody Gardens. We anticipated crowds there too but it was not near as bad as the Museum. We definitely hit some traffic going there and back but Moody Gardens was a breeze in comparison. We went into the Aquarium and literally 10 minutes after going in, my camera died. (After I was bragging about how long the battery pack lasted!) So, there aren't many pictures to show. The ones I do have were taken quickly by my phone. It was nice walking around without a bulky camera though!
Like I said... she's a kisser

I spy... two little girls
It's safe to say that we are POOPED. Madi fell asleep talking about all of the animals we saw today. She said, "We saw birds chirping, fishies swimming, butterfly's flying... what else did we see, Mommy?" and then fell asleep as I was about to reply. I am so happy that she had a good week, and that we got to "relax" and get away from school and our normal routine for a bit. This weekend, we're spending time with family and going to take as many naps as we can before the week begins again. I hope that everyone had an awesome break! We sure did :)
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