Friday, March 22, 2013

Library Book Love

One of Madi's absolute favorite things right now is the Library. We've been going for a few months now to get books for her and she gets so excited about it. Every time we go, we find at least two books that she adores and wants to read constantly. Our local library has the entire first floor dedicated to kids (of all ages) and has this huge colorful mural on the wall in the kids reading area. I love it, and she does too.
So every two weeks, we take our books back and spend about 30 minutes exploring and finding new books that interest her. She will grab a few and sit at the table and look through the pages. Then she'll tell me, "I want this one, Mommy. I don't like this one, let's look some more." We usually check out about 4 at a time.
Through the last few months, she's found some books that she didn't care for, and some that she had a hard time parting with. Since this is such a big interest of hers right now, I figured I would share some that she absolutely loved.
Right now, her two favorites from the ones we've checked out this week are Wiley and Jasper, and Ferryboat Ride. {pictured above} Wiley and Jasper is a book about a little boy and a dog who are afraid of each other at first but slowly get over their fear and become best friends. Ferryboat ride is about a family who rides a ferry to an island that they vacation on every summer. It talks about all the sounds and smells that you experience on a ferry, but also the weather, and some animals you can see too. Madi always wants to read this one first, and talks about the time we rode the Paddlewheel Boat at Moody Gardens.
The last round of books had a couple favorites too. She loved a book called I Want My Light On! which was about a little girl who was afraid that there were ghosts in the dark. It was a really cute book, and definitely not scary. Then another one she loved was called Mother, Mother, I Want Another which was my personal favorite. Its all about a little mouse who cries at bedtime because he wants another bedtime kiss from his Mommy, but she misinterprets what he's asking for.
I'm going to start sharing her favorites here, just as a way to keep up with them. Maybe you have a little one who loves to read too. All of the book titles I listed have links behind them, so just click on the title to see more about that book. :)
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