Thursday, February 14, 2013

We Love Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's day. That's all there is to it. I love all the hearts, flowers, chocolates, everything. I even love that the weather is starting to warm up too around this time. I know that the "cool" thing to do nowadays is to hate it, but nope. Not me. And now that I have a little one to enjoy it with, it's 10x better! We started making handmade Valentine's for family a week and a half in advance. We painted, stamped, colored, made cupcakes and goody bags. We mailed out the Valentine's for family and took the goody bags to school for her party there.

While she was having her party at school, Clayton and I had a little picnic lunch at the Waterway for our date. It was short and sweet. :) and he gave me a James Avery necklace. I love it so much.

Then we went and picked Madi up from school. When we got there she was dancing around the room and jumping up and down with her friends. You could tell that a sugar-fest of cupcakes and cookies had just happened. So. Much. Energy. After her party, I took her for a play date with Izzy and she gave him a special Valentine card. He gave her a Valentine card and some candy too. They played together for a few hours at the park.


Who says parks aren't for Mom's too?
Saying goodbye.

I also put together special presents for Madi and Clayton :) I bought her a giant red Valentine puppy pillow pet. When I gave it to her she said, "OOOHHH, PUPPYYYY!" For some reason, I think she liked it ;) Also some Hello Kitty candy bracelets that I used to love when I was a kid. She agreed.

I had a lot of fun putting together Clayton's present. He's so easy to buy for, he literally likes anything. One time I bought him windshield wipers for a valentines day present (among some other stuff) and he still talks about how that was the best gift he's gotten in awhile. He likes gifts he can use. I used a little red chest and filled it with Hershey kisses in the bottom. I added his favorite candy, a card from Madi, a DVD he's been wanting, etc etc. But I also made him something. I never feel like I tell him enough how I feel. So I created an "I love you because..." jar. Inside were strips of paper that had different reasons why I love him. I have to admit I was kind of nervous about giving it to him. But he was grinning so big reading all the strips of paper. So priceless.

Madi had so much fun doing all of the preparation for Valentine's day. Which she pronounces "Clementine's day" or "Balemtimes day," she can't really decide what she wants to call it. I did too and I'm a little bummed now that its over. We hope that your day was filled with happiness and love, like ours was.


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