Friday, February 22, 2013

Currently, All About Madi

This post is a little bit late. I've been spending my days consumed with school and doing things with Madi. I spent all day today at a junior high school observing for my Education class so I'm looking forward to Spring Break and for things to *hopefully* slow down a little bit. I also have some projects planned for that week, so I'm looking forward to doing (and sharing) those. For now, I'm going to let you in on Madi's favorite things as of now.
Watching: This girl loves Caillou. But she's also discovered a few others that she requests sometimes. Like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Kippur, and Rugrats. It's funny to turn on Rugrats for her because I remember watching the same shows when I was a kid. I try not to let her watch TV all the time, but since we're out and about so much, I don't dwell on it.
Loving: The library. We went for a playdate with Izzy the other day and it was insane. They were more excited to be in a new place together than to actually read. But when we go there together, her eyes are wide with amazement at everything. She wants to get every book off of the shelf and take it home. It's also right next to the Waterway, which means I can let her run around after she had to be quiet and still in the library. We definitely utilized that during our playdate Thursday.
Listening to: The Tarzan soundtrack. I dug it out of an old CD case from years back. I remember listening to it as a child. But it has strong baselines and drums that she LOVES to dance around to. Her and her Daddy were dancing together to it the other day when I walked in the room. So sweet. When I have to take a shower real quick or something, I turn on her stereo and she dances and plays while I get something done.
Going: There are several places that she asks to go on a daily basis. Pretty much every morning when she wakes up she asks to go to the park. That's her absolute favorite place to be. She also wants to go to Granny & Pawpaw's house about 4 times per day. We're lucky that they're next door :) She asks to see Mimi and Booboo, and go have lunch with Nonna at her office. This girl is like her Daddy, always wanting to go, go, go!
Making her happy: The left over candy from Valentine's day, helping me with my garden outside, stomping in puddles after it rains, throwing rocks in the pond and watching it splash, giving PupPup kisses, looking out of the window as Nonna or Papaw get home, helping me sweep the floor, sliding down the BIG slide at the park, playing with Kylie, dancing and running 24/7, and seeing her Izzy every week.
 Inspired by Danielle at Sometimes Sweet.
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