Thursday, February 7, 2013

100 of My Favorite Things

Things have been going nonstop around here for days. Playdates, school deadlines, errands, preparations for Valentine's Day, etc etc etc. So, I thought that I would do a lighter post for this Friday. In an attempt to slow things down and take in the good all around us, and tone down the whirlwind of junk I have to get done... Here are 100 things that I absolutely LOVE.
Valentine's Day! Manicures, hot tea/coffee, when Madi holdsmy face and plants a big kiss on my mouth, surprising people with little gifts,smiling at strangers as they pass by me, running and lifting weights, havinglittle things to look forward to, getting sweet texts that immediately brightenup my day, Mumford & Sons, deep cleaning with the windows open, talking tosomeone new, going to the store all alone (mom-vacation), finding that perfectsong to run to, when people tell me I'm doing a good job on this blog, readingold writing from high school, long talks with my best friend, brand new pens,stretching before bed after a long day, when class lets out early, Saturdaymorning workouts at an empty gym, reading books of my childhood to Madi, warmbreezes in the spring time, sitting and talking with my niece, dinner dateswith Clayton, running in new places, sitting in the sand and listening to thewaves crash onto the shore, the big bang theory, clay face masks, writing handwritten letters, the quiet time at night after Madi is fast asleep in her room,lip balm, black coffee, freshly painted nails, inside jokes that leave youlaughing for hours, italian food, reading a good book, freshly washed sheets,hugs from my grandparents, making people laugh, painting Madi's fingernails,Pilates, calalillies, the color of the ocean in Playa del Carmen, Mexico,stretching out sore muscles, lighting candles in a dark room, falling asleep tothe sound of silence, living in the country, a clean kitchen, searing hot showers,finishing something that's been on my to-do list forever, swinging in our treeswing with Madi, talking with old friends, driving my car, Instagram, SHSU,riding bikes with Clayton, "fake" sushi, Target, sweet tea, learningabout health & fitness, re-runs of the King of Queens, rollerblading,acting like a kid again, laying out in the sun, Butterfinger, Cappuccinos,pictures of squishy newborn babies, new gadgets (iPad Mini!), naming thingsthat I own (Car; Bambino, Bike; Guinevere, iPad; Paddie), puppies of any andall kinds, little things in general, writing posts for this blog! planning forthe future, hearing people talk about their life, when big tough guys showtheir sensitive side, people who are proud of where they come from, incense,never running out of things to say even after 4 1/2 years together, my auntMissi's chocolate fudge, taking pictures, shooting guns, doing cartwheels in abig empty field of grass, daytime naps in bed with Madi, froyo dates, Destin,FL, road trips, Organix shampoo & conditioner, watching the sunrise on aclear morning, going shopping, the smell of rain, days spent with family, mynephew's giggle, long walks with no destination in mind, watching my littlegirl grow up, coconut milk & orchid scented body lotion, REM sleep, wakingup to the smell of breakfast cooking, exploring somewhere new, and spendinghours at the park with Madi on warm spring days.
 AND, sharing pictures :)

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