Monday, January 28, 2013

Spring Is In The Air, A Picture Post

Ok ok- I know Spring isn't officially until March but if you live in Texas, you know it goes from cool to HOT quick around here. The last week or so has been wonderful! Perfect temperatures and so much sunlight. I love weather like this. I have a very hard time doing anything when it's colder than 50 degrees outside. I need sunlight and a warm breeze to function and that's exactly what we have had the past week or two. With Texas weather, you kind of have to take advantage of good weather as it comes because the next day could be the complete opposite. So, we've been spending a majority of our time outdoors. That's where Madi is happiest too. I am also working on a project that I will show y'all in about a week, so look for that soon! For now, I hope you enjoy this "picture post." :)
It is like pulling teeth trying to get her to look AT the camera, so I'm pretty glad I at least got one close up ;)


Like I said, stay tuned the next week or so for a debut of a special project I'm working on. If you're an outdoorsy person, this means YOU! :)

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