Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Journal Entry, #1

I haven't posted a journal entry in quite a while so I thought that now would be a good time. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the new words and phrases, and the things you learn to do on a day-to-day basis. When you do something that I want to write down, I jot it down in my NotePad on my phone. About once a week, I copy it all down to your journal. Here's some little tidbits from the latest pages of your journal.
You are TERRIFIED of bugs. Of all kinds and varieties. If you think or suspect that there's one on the ground, you will climb to the highest point in the room within seconds to avoid it getting near you. You also do this squeal that is SO girly.
You're starting to say new things, that really show that you aren't a baby anymore. Your phrases aren't as simplistic as they used to be. Instead of smiling at Papaw when he says something funny, you say, "Silly papaw!" And giggle. Another example... Yesterday I asked you if you needed to potty. Usually you'd say no and keep going with what you're doing. This time you said "no mom, I'm fine." I got a glimpse of your teenage years there for a second. Scary.

You also suddenly know the difference between girls and boys. You'll rattle off about how Papaw, Bubba, and Daddy are boys, and that Nonna, Granny, and Nanny are girls. You used to be confused by the concept and now you act like its no big deal!
You have this fake laugh that is hilarious! You can tell its forced. When you say something you think is funny, you do it and hold your mouth like it's so funny you can't even stand it. It's the cutest thing. You also bend over halfway and put your hands on your knees. I think you got that from your Daddy.
You really are a girl. You talk nonstop. I can always tell right when you fall asleep because you finally stop talking. You'll mumble as your drifting to sleep. You talk in the car, when we're shopping, while you're eating, on the potty, when we play outside, etc etc etc.
You say "okay" a lot. Not as an answer though, you say it as a question. Like you'll say, "I'm going to play with my babies, okay?" Or "I'm going to read the book by myself, okay?" It cracks me up.
You are getting really good at colors also. Your favorites are purple and yellow. Also pink. You point them out wherever we go and giggle to yourself.
You love Brody and want to baby him. You also reach out and ask to hold him or change his diaper.
You are also so aware. You told me the other day, "I warm, take my temp-a-sure." Then you lifted up your shirt and put your hand on your belly. Or how you tell me, "we go to the park tomorrow?" You already are forming a concept of time which I think is pretty amazing.  
It's strange how quickly time passes and how you grow everyday. You grow on the outside most definitely, but your little brain is growing faster than Mommy can keep up!

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