Friday, January 4, 2013


Watching: Madi grow. In every way it seems, she's growing and growing. Her speech is improving by the day. She now uses "him" and "her" in the correct context now. Also, she's been eating like crazy the past couple of days and it's definitely a welcome sight. She has always been a picky eater. I love to sit and eat with her and her ask for seconds, which never happens. Growth spurt, maybe?

Listening to: I just got a new iPad so I'm adding songs to it left and right. Ed Sheeran, The Fray, Josh Abbott Band, Eli Young Band, The Dean's List, Chevelle, and many more albums. I like a little of everything.

Planning: A weekend trip to Frisco, TX to watch the SHSU playoff game (my Dad is an alumni there and I'll be attending in the fall). We're staying for two nights and are going with my parents, my brother and sister in law, and my neice. It'll be nice to be away for a little while and explore with Madi in a new area. Other stuff that's been on my mind: spring time! I hate the cold weather and can't wait for the warmer temperatures to return! I'm looking forward to biking and running with Madi again when our face won't go numb within a few minutes.

Thinking about: "Be as you wish to seem." -Socrates. It's simple, yet I'm constantly reminding myself that little phrase.

Reading: Ahh... 50 shades of Grey. I'm a little late to jump on the bandwagon because when the books became big, the only book I had time to read was my 1000 page anatomy textbook. But now that I have some time, I thought I'd read them and I'm now on the third book and can't wait to see how it ends. I think I'll read something a little lighter for my next book though. I find myself exhausted when I'm done reading, lol. So much drama! Do you have any suggestions on what to read next?

Making me happy: this blog, Madi saying "I love you, mommy" when I tell her I love her, starbucks in the cold weather, making lists of new years resolutions, greek gods yogurt with dark choco chips, being able to spend the weekend with family, football, sweet potatoes, Cassie Bjork's blog, seeing Madi's face light up when she discovers something new, hot epsom salt baths, sleeping in late on cold mornings, and hopefully slowly easing into the warmer months. (winter go away!)
(Go Texans!)
This post was inspired by Dani Hampton at Sometimes Sweet. Post your link below if you do a "currently" post also!

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