Tuesday, January 8, 2013

26 Rainy Day Activities for Toddlers

I have the hardest time with finding things to do on rainy days. And boy is it raining here! On pretty days, we always spend our time around town or at parks. But, when its raining, I have to somehow find a way to entertain Madi, who hates being cooped up inside (can't say I blame her...) So I've searched all around and I've compiled a list of my favorite indoor activities for little ones. I hope it helps. If you have an idea that isn't listed below- share it!


1. Make-overs! Lipstick, blush, nail polish, the works! Works for girls of all ages.
2. Flashlight tag. Turn all of the lights off and use flashlights to look for each other.
3. Bath time. My never-fails-to-calm-down-a-toddler activity.
4. Sensory projects or tubs. Use rice, pipe cleaners, marshmallows, etc.
5. Build a fort or tent. Use the kitchen or dining room table and a king size sheet!
6. Dance party to music on the stereo.
7. Art time. Use crayons, stencils, paint, glue, and if you're brave enough... Glitter. For an easier clean-up, put them in the center of a sheet and then when their done just gather it up and empty the glitter out over a bathtub. Wash it right down the drain. (Put the kids in there too ;)) The messy stuff will keep them entertained forever!
8. Play clean-up. Sing the song "clean up, clean up, everybody clean up. Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share..." Singing the song together makes it even more fun for them. Madi loves to sing with me.
9. Stack Tupperware and cups of various sizes and colors. Talk about and go over the different colors and how some fit into each other and some don't. Some are tall/short, big/small, etc.
10. Make music. Use wooden spoons and various kinds of bowls. Do quiet noises and LOUD noises.
11. Make your kitchen and pantry a toddler friendly grocery store. Give them a basket and allow them to collect produce and boxed goods from a section of food you've set out. Give them a few coins and be the register lady.
12. PlayDoh. Make animals and shapes. Mix colors and see how they look. Mash it together between your hands, make a ball, etc.
13. Play with shaving cream. It will blow their mind! Let little boys shave like Daddy. Bathtub is best...
14. Throw a party! Draw pictures to hang on the wall, hang streamers, turn on party music, dress up, blow up balloons, bake a cake, etc. This is awesome if you know of a rainy day in advance. It takes some preparation but they'll be entertained for hours with it.
15. Bake together. Let them lay out cookie dough on a baking sheet, or stir up brownie batter.
16. Play dress up in Mommy's clothes, heels, and scarves and model it for you. Take their picture like you're paparazzi.
17. Scavenger hunt. Hide items around the house like balls, cups, the remote, etc. Have them venture through the house to find each item. Works well for older toddlers.
18. Play with bubbles. Doing this in the bathtub is best. Wet hands can catch the bubbles and they float on top of the water.
19. Let your toddler match the bottle/cup to its lid.
20. Create various shaker bottles. Fill some with rice, beads, beans, and also things like liquid soap, paint, etc.
21. Create an "indoor sandbox." Fill a long and shallow bin with rice and throw in sand toys like shovels, buckets, and strainers. Hide toys like toy dinosaurs and soldiers, wooden blocks, etc in the "sand" for them to find.
22. Create a library. This takes a little preparation too. Go to your local kids bookstore and get some books out of the bargain bin. They don't have to be books you know your little one will love. Half of the fun of this is playing library. Use those books and some books your kiddo loves from home and place them on a shelf. Create a library card and let them "check out" the books they want. Set up a little table for them to read at. For bigger kids, make them sign the books out on a sheet of paper and give them a due date to bring them back.
23. Let them make their own lunch. Give them a platter of different things like fruit, sandwich stuff (deli meat, cheese, pickles, lettuce), block cheese, chips. Let them build their lunch to their liking.
24. Have some quiet time. In a world where days are full of social networking, iPhones, errands, and completely hectic days, sometimes what you need to do is power down. Sit in your childs room for an hour or two and do whatever he/she wants to do. Uninterrupted. Read a book, put together a puzzle together, play daycare with her stuffed animals, throw a ball with him. Anything. If you give them that undivided attention, they will probably entertain themselves while you do a few loads of laundry and cook dinner later. It's worth a shot.
25. Make ice-cream sundaes. Let them choose what to put on it, fruit, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, nuts, etc.
26. If all else fails, go outside (in calmer weather) and run in the rain with them. A memory that will always stick with me no matter how old I am is getting to go outside and stomp in puddles and play in the rain with my cousins when I was young. Just remember... a little dirt and water never hurt anyone ;)

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  1. these are some great ideas!! I will have to try some of them with my siblings :)



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