Friday, November 23, 2012

What We're Thankful For

I decided to do this post about what I'm thankful for because I feel like there's so much around me that on a day to day basis, I take for granted, that bring so much happiness to me. But I thought I'd also list some things that bring Madi true happiness, because it really is the simple things that make us the happiest on a moment-to-moment basis.
I'm thankful for: my parents (first and foremost), my in-laws, family in general (grandparents, mimma, brother-and-sister (both sides), booboo!, kylie, etc), friends that are there even though we haven't talked in awhile (Holly & Courtney), being able to go to school and work towards a career that will make me even happier, my work and the kids I work with that bring the biggest smile to my face everyday, the fall season, peppermint hot chocolate, starbucks in general, watching christmas vacation every thanksgiving with my family, running, having this blog and so many supporting readers, my Aunt's lemon pie that she makes every holiday, walks and park trips with Madi, well, Madi in general. She is the main source of happiness in my life.
Madi is thankful for: her family and all that they do, those turkey cookies her cousin Karli made yesterday, swinging with Papaw outside, EYE KEEM (ice cream), Kingston, all puppies in the world ever, friends at school (joseph and mikey), when mommy paints her nails, playing at the park on sunny days, collecting fall leaves, singing in the car, giving booboo kisses and pretending to change his diaper, spending time with kylie, having more stuffed animals than any child in this world would ever know what to do with, waffles, and SYRUP!, Caillou on TV, and of course, Mommy ;)
I sincerely hope that everyone's Thanksgiving was filled with love and LOTS of good food :)

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