Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our Girl Day

Today, Kylie spent the day with Madi and I. We went to The Woodlands Children's Museum this morning, then went to Chickfila for lunch, and then came home so Madi could take a nap.
They both LOVED the museum. It's really close to home, reasonably priced, has extremely nice workers, and has so many cool things for the kids to do.
Like "sand" tables that are actually filled with rice.

The giant teeth were just cool.

And a giant Lite Brite!

A play grocery store with little grocery baskets, produce bins, tables, and a checkout station that beeped when you passed food by the laser :)
They also have this little craft station where the kids can help themselves. They made hats this time.

This part was new. They had a little science experiment station where they tested surface tension. Kylie spent a lot of time there.
Then we went to Chickfila to get lunch. We were all super hungry and Madi wanted "Chick a lay eye keem!" (Chickfila ice cream)
Then Madi was ready for a nap so we went home and once Madi went to sleep, Kylie and I did stuff. We wrote in our journals first. I wrote in Madi's some while she colored in hers, we did our nails, and used sidewalk chalk on the balcony.

She wanted to draw the solar system so she drew Earth, Mars, Saturn, and the Sun. For some reason that kind of struck me as odd. It seems like yesterday she wanted to draw horses and now she's drawing "Saturn's moons." Yikes.
This one is just cute because she has a crush on Clayton :)
Hopefully we'll have more days like today. Madi and I love having Kylie around and today was super fun. I told her, "you need to come over more!" and she was like "I KNOWWWW!!"

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