Saturday, November 10, 2012

DIY Kitchen Chalkboard

Since we just moved into our new home, we've both (my husband and I) have been itching to do a pinterest project to help make this apartment feel more like a home. Well, we finally did one! It was super simple and easy but it added a lot to the entry way and kitchen.
There are versions of DIY Chalkboards all over Pinterest. For this one, you basically spray a mirror of some sort with chalkboard paint and hang it up to write your grocery list or other important memo's on. I sent Clayton out to pick up a cheap $5 mirror from Khol's. He came back with a beautiful $20 mirror from Garden Ridge.
Close enough.
The first step was to line it all out in painters tape. That was a task since the frame was so big.
Then we painted it and let it dry near a window. I used Kylon brand Chalkboard paint for $7.99 at Hobby Lobby. It dried really quick and without any imperfections.

It had some spots around the edges where the tape covered a part of the mirror and it wasn't painted. I realized as Clayton was about to re-tape it and put a second coat on that he just needed to take the mirror itself out from the back. Aha! So it was a lot easier that way.
Finished product! :) Total cost was about $28. But it could have easily been about $13 with the MUCH cheaper mirror.
(as soon as we got it up, he wrote "I love you, Taylor" on it) *blush* ;)

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