Friday, November 23, 2012

What We're Thankful For

I decided to do this post about what I'm thankful for because I feel like there's so much around me that on a day to day basis, I take for granted, that bring so much happiness to me. But I thought I'd also list some things that bring Madi true happiness, because it really is the simple things that make us the happiest on a moment-to-moment basis.
I'm thankful for: my parents (first and foremost), my in-laws, family in general (grandparents, mimma, brother-and-sister (both sides), booboo!, kylie, etc), friends that are there even though we haven't talked in awhile (Holly & Courtney), being able to go to school and work towards a career that will make me even happier, my work and the kids I work with that bring the biggest smile to my face everyday, the fall season, peppermint hot chocolate, starbucks in general, watching christmas vacation every thanksgiving with my family, running, having this blog and so many supporting readers, my Aunt's lemon pie that she makes every holiday, walks and park trips with Madi, well, Madi in general. She is the main source of happiness in my life.
Madi is thankful for: her family and all that they do, those turkey cookies her cousin Karli made yesterday, swinging with Papaw outside, EYE KEEM (ice cream), Kingston, all puppies in the world ever, friends at school (joseph and mikey), when mommy paints her nails, playing at the park on sunny days, collecting fall leaves, singing in the car, giving booboo kisses and pretending to change his diaper, spending time with kylie, having more stuffed animals than any child in this world would ever know what to do with, waffles, and SYRUP!, Caillou on TV, and of course, Mommy ;)
I sincerely hope that everyone's Thanksgiving was filled with love and LOTS of good food :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

DIY Kitchen Chalkboard

Since we just moved into our new home, we've both (my husband and I) have been itching to do a pinterest project to help make this apartment feel more like a home. Well, we finally did one! It was super simple and easy but it added a lot to the entry way and kitchen.
There are versions of DIY Chalkboards all over Pinterest. For this one, you basically spray a mirror of some sort with chalkboard paint and hang it up to write your grocery list or other important memo's on. I sent Clayton out to pick up a cheap $5 mirror from Khol's. He came back with a beautiful $20 mirror from Garden Ridge.
Close enough.
The first step was to line it all out in painters tape. That was a task since the frame was so big.
Then we painted it and let it dry near a window. I used Kylon brand Chalkboard paint for $7.99 at Hobby Lobby. It dried really quick and without any imperfections.

It had some spots around the edges where the tape covered a part of the mirror and it wasn't painted. I realized as Clayton was about to re-tape it and put a second coat on that he just needed to take the mirror itself out from the back. Aha! So it was a lot easier that way.
Finished product! :) Total cost was about $28. But it could have easily been about $13 with the MUCH cheaper mirror.
(as soon as we got it up, he wrote "I love you, Taylor" on it) *blush* ;)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our Girl Day

Today, Kylie spent the day with Madi and I. We went to The Woodlands Children's Museum this morning, then went to Chickfila for lunch, and then came home so Madi could take a nap.
They both LOVED the museum. It's really close to home, reasonably priced, has extremely nice workers, and has so many cool things for the kids to do.
Like "sand" tables that are actually filled with rice.

The giant teeth were just cool.

And a giant Lite Brite!

A play grocery store with little grocery baskets, produce bins, tables, and a checkout station that beeped when you passed food by the laser :)
They also have this little craft station where the kids can help themselves. They made hats this time.

This part was new. They had a little science experiment station where they tested surface tension. Kylie spent a lot of time there.
Then we went to Chickfila to get lunch. We were all super hungry and Madi wanted "Chick a lay eye keem!" (Chickfila ice cream)
Then Madi was ready for a nap so we went home and once Madi went to sleep, Kylie and I did stuff. We wrote in our journals first. I wrote in Madi's some while she colored in hers, we did our nails, and used sidewalk chalk on the balcony.

She wanted to draw the solar system so she drew Earth, Mars, Saturn, and the Sun. For some reason that kind of struck me as odd. It seems like yesterday she wanted to draw horses and now she's drawing "Saturn's moons." Yikes.
This one is just cute because she has a crush on Clayton :)
Hopefully we'll have more days like today. Madi and I love having Kylie around and today was super fun. I told her, "you need to come over more!" and she was like "I KNOWWWW!!"