Saturday, October 13, 2012

Starting A Home

So today we moved into an apartment in The Woodlands. Clayton and I got married three months ago (tomorrow) and this will be our first place together, not only as a married couple, but also as a family of three. It was so nerve-wracking and wonderful all at the same time.
Before we left with everything, I went to say goodbye to my Granny. I have always lived with my parents, on the same land as my grandparents. It was hard leaving my house, but even harder to say bye to her. She told me that she was staying away from the front windows because she didn't want to see me packing up all of our things to leave. I know that we're only moving 25ish minutes away, but it's still rough. Very very rough.
Family and friends came to help us move. That was a blessing. We didn't have to hire movers or anything, all we did was hang out, move heavy furniture, and eat pizza. It was nice having all of our loved ones in our livingroom talking and laughing on the first day here. It definitely made it feel more like a home and not just a temporary space.
The one thing I hated was having to completely start over! When you move from your parents house, you realize that you don't have a lot of the things that you need. Like oils to cook, detergent, cleaning supplies, a vacuum! So, we'll be accumulating all of those necessities slowly. But right now, I'm in the livingroom sitting next to a lamp, writing and listening to the silence. Madi is asleep in her bed in her room (bless her little soul!) and I am hoping that she stays in her bed all night.
So, this is our home now. 910 square feet of bliss. (so far ;))
More adventures to come!

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