Sunday, October 7, 2012

Date Day Adventures

Madi spent the day with Mimi on Saturday while Clayton and I went on a date. We had such a good time! We went on a 10.3 mile bike ride around The Woodlands. We went from Bear Branch Park and went all the way to the Woodlands Waterway, made the loop, and biked back. It had been such a long time since I've biked for that long, I didn't want to stop! I definitely felt it in my legs when we did stop. But we had such a good time.
Clayton took this at the gas station and told me "don't you dare delete that picture!"

I'm not sure how he took these pictures without falling over.

Took a water/snack break at a park near the water.

We're super photogenic, lol. NOT
Then we went to the W.G. Jones State Park and hiked for about an hour. We had never been there, and it was about to be dusk so we just looked around. We found walking sticks and just walked around talking and laughing. I love that one on one time where all we have to worry about is what we're going to do next. We trekked 2.5 (ish) miles there and went to go get Madi.
In my opinion, it was our best date. It felt amazing outside and we got to do something that we both love, being active. We didnt spend ANY money, at all. It was a completely free and fufilling date. We're planning on renting kayak's on the Waterway in a few weeks for our next date.
Active dates = win.

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