Monday, October 1, 2012


Lately things around here have been changing. We're adjusting to the new changes and are welcoming new ones in our life.
I started working at Madi's daycare as an Assistant Teacher. That means that Madi now goes to daycare full-time, instead of just three days per week. That was the hardest part for me, letting go of the days that I did have with her. But it is the best thing for us right now. Madi can see me from her classroom so we can keep an eye on each other throughout the day. I know that she is having fun with her friends and isn't upset, and she can see that I am nearby. Its a good thing for us both. The first few days that she saw me in the other room, she was upset. Her teachers said that she wanted to come in my room with me. But it only took around three days of being upset. Now, she pokes her head around the corner where she can see me and she will play peekaboo with me or stick her tongue out at me and giggle. Then keep playing. That makes me feel SO much better. I get to keep an eye on her and know she is learning and playing, while I get to help provide for our family. I truly enjoy my job and the people that I work with. I'm so glad that life has given us this opportunity and that Madi has adjusted so well.
Being a part-time student, a part-time teacher, and a mommy, I don't have as much time for blogging, which I absolutely love. But I've promised myself that I won't let this fall through the cracks. I do this not only for Madi, but for me also. I will only be posting once per week however. I feel like that is a good compromise. Maybe a couple times per week if time allows.
More changes are to come if things play out the way I want them to. But that is for a different post. :)
I will be posting again soon. Thank you for all of the support we are getting. For now, here are some pictures from this week!
We saw Brody this weekend. She kept licking his cheek instead of kissing him! Then she'd giggle and say "I wick him!" She's goofy. Then he fell asleep on my chest for about 30 minutes. Swoon.

Getting lunch before going to daycare/work. She was making funny faces at me so that I could take her picture and then show her.

She's holding a picture of her Great Grandmother (Mimma) when she was around 1 or 1 1/2. They look SO much alike. So I took this and framed it for Madi's Mimi and Mimma. :)

Talking and taking pictures before bed. I love that sweet smile!

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