Saturday, August 4, 2012

23 Months

Madi will be 2 years old in a little less than a month! I can't believe how fast time is flying by. She amazes me more and more everyday. I've attached one section of her journal for this post. I keep a journal that I write to her in about her milestones and cute stories. This one is from July to August. It has several stories that I think are too cute. Enjoy :)

You now pronounce "Kylie" "kah-lee" instead of "kygee"

When I ask you what your name is, you say "mahni howff!"

Carousels are your absolute favorite. We were all playing putt putt golf on vacation one night and you were bored. You'd chase the balls and throw them in the water. Then when we got inside, you found a small carousel and freaked out! Your night was made.

You're so smart, and adorable. I'll say, "what does Mommy say?" and you'll say, "NO!" and point your finger. Then I'll say, "and what does Madi say after that?" and you say "wahhhh!"

You love the ocean and pool, thankfully. Last year when we came to Destin you didn't. Now all you say is "ima go beach!" lol.

You don't eat. Ever. And when we're in a restaurant, all you do is scream. Especially if we're with Nonna and Papaw because you know that they'll get you out of your seat.

Sometimes you talk in your sleep. It's usually a couple of words as your tossing and turning to find a comfy spot. The other night you said "yay Cameron!" I guess you were dreaming about watching your cousin play baseball. :)

You have music in your soul. You dance all the time, even when there isn't any music.

You pronounce "breakfast" "buttkiss" funniest thing ever.

When I ask you who's the boss, you say "Madi's boss"

You know the sounds and can recognize a puppy, lion, sheep, goat, pig, horse, donkey, rooster, monkey, rhino, puffin, penguin, snake, mouse, and MANY more. You're so smart!

You walked up to a lady who was holding her purse low and you told her you "wike it!"

It scares you when I have to lay you down in the bath to rinse your hair. But it makes you feel better when we say "I got you baby" back and forth to each other the whole time.

You're afraid of heights! But love to be startled. (like your mama on the second part!)

You're SO ticklish around your neck, jawbone, and ribs.

Your daddy came over to spend the day with us today and when he walked in, you said "daddy I miss you!" Both of us almost died. So cute.

You love to hold hands. But only mine. You asked to hold my hand just now while we were laying in bed. You're asleep now with your hand still in mine. <3

You are finally starting to say "yes". Your daddy asked if you missed him while he was gone and you said "no." then thought about it and said "yes!" We were both shocked.

This past weekend was pretty eventful. Your daddy & I got married on Saturday, July 14th. You were so good during the ceremony. While we were saying vows, you walked up and hugged both of our legs then walked back to Mimi. You scattered rose petals on the ground in front of us. It was really sweet. But if you're wondering why you're in none of the formal photos it's because you were too busy playing to take any. You were running around the entire time. But you were well behaved and didn't give us any problems. :) I just wish we had some of the three of us. But I'm sure we'll get many of those as the time passes.

You started back to daycare today. (July 16 2012) Ms Brenda was SO excited to see you when we walked in. She screamed and jumped up from where she was sitting to come hold you. You cried when I left but had a pretty good day. They said you were a little cranky but that was expected. You are so resilient. When I picked you up, you ran and got your sippy cup and headed for the door just like you usually do. I asked you on the way to the car "did you cry today?" and you said "cry for mommy." it broke my heart. I would stay with you 24/7 if I was able to! I just love you so much.

You met Brody for the first time today at Mimi's house. You were confused because he wasn't in Hilda's tummy anymore. You patted his head and gave him a lot of kisses. You loved to be around him and constantly wanted to be right on top of him. Yet, you cried when I held him. JEALOUS! Hilda said that she's going to make Brody sleep with a dictionary to make sure he's as smart as you are :)

You refer to him as "baby bow-dee"

You've been kissing little boys at school. His name is Joseph and he loves both of us. He runs up to us and hugs me when we get there, he's really sweet. But the other day when I picked you up, I had both of you in my arms. All of a sudden you lean over and kiss him on the mouth! I was shocked. Then you did it again the next day. When I ask you about it, you say, "Madi kiss joffuf!" and then laugh.

I was trying to get you in the bathtub but you wanted to take your stuffed animals with you. I told you that you couldn't take them in the bath because they couldn't swim. So you looked around and picked up your stuffed dolphin and said "dolphin swim!" I almost let you take him too. You're too smart!

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