Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wedding Photos!

I am SO happy with the way that the pictures turned out from the wedding. You can really tell how much fun we had and how much love there was that day. :) enjoy. ( ALL pictures were taken by Sour Apple Photography )
writing a love letter to Clayton before the ceremony

she wasn't into taking pictures that day, but I'm so thankful we have this one

my daddy

I insisted on this one, his butt looked so nice in those pants ;)

three of the best guys I know

bridesmaid & maid-of-honor

this one wasn't planned :)

clayton's idea

 we had more fun than we should have taking pictures

throwing the bouquet

he was like "I do what?!"

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  1. What a beautiful wedding! (: I love the intimate vibe, that only your closest family and friends were there.
    I'm a new follower and found your blog through Instagram.


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