Friday, May 11, 2012

A Guide to the language of Madi

Madi is 20 months old now and it seems like she learns new words and phrases everyday. It's hard to keep up! Her mind goes 100mph and so does her little mouth. So, I've devised a guide that has words she commonly uses along with her pronounciation of them. I hope that she will think its amusing when she's older and sees that she used to say some of these things. :)

(Word- Pronounciation)

Let me drive your car- "I dibe it!"
I love you- "Ahhwah"
Yes- "no" or "nope"
Excuse me- "cue me"
Milk- "munk"
Juice- "jew-uh"
Help- "hup" or "I hup"
Hand- "hahnd"
Swing- "shing"
Hold me- "I hold" or "I hold it"
Video- "boo-wah"
Yo Gabba Gabba- "gabba!" or "gabi"
Colin- "canga"
Hilda- "Hahdah"
Belly button- "but-but"
Outside- "side"
Granny- "gangy"
Cookie- "cook"
Sippy cup- "sip-cup"
Sorry- "sobby"
Airplane- "ehpayne"
Cover up- "cub up"
Blanket- "bankie"
Where- "eh"
Winston (her stuffed turtle)- "win-win" or "winton"

She says so many other words and pronounces them correctly but there are some that I had a hard time diciphering the first time she uttered them. She also signs quite a lot if I can't understand her. I'm still adding onto this list and transferring them to her journal. I hope she'll get a kick out of them later, or that you do right now. :)

Will post again soon, but for now...

Pictures from the last couple of weeks:


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