Sunday, November 20, 2011

10 things that make Madi smile

(in no order, of course) :)
1) Her "babies." She has many many stuffed animals that she likes to carry around the house. "Winston," which is a Terry Fator puppet and also a baby doll that her Mimi got her, are the most popular ones. Not to mention "doll."

2) The outdoors. She would be happy if she could spend all day every day outside exploring.

3) Madi loves puppies! She giggles and squeals at the sight of them. Nothing makes her happier!

4) Family. She lights up when she sees her Nonna and Papaw, can't wait to talk to Bubba when he walks in, gives kisses to "Uncle PupPup" as soon as she sees him, reaches for Mimi immediately, and the list goes on and on. 

5) Her beloved pacifier, which we call her "sucker." So she now says "shuh-sha" when she wants it.

6) Her cousin Kylie. Even at the mention of her name, she gets excited. When Kylie is around, you will almost always find Madi right behind her, following in everything she does.

7) Music. She dances in the car to everything from Lady Gaga to Lloyd (haha!) The picture is of her singing in the bathtub.

8) Her snacks. When papaw comes home, she points to the snack bowl and they have crackers together. When she goes to Granny and Pawpaw's house, she points to the bag of cookies sitting on the counter.

9) When Papaw rocks her to sleep. In the afternoon, Papaw asks Madi if she wants him to rock, she goes and gets her baby and her blanket and then heads to his lap.

10) Exploring! Madi never sits still unless she's sleeping. She's always got to be busy exploring the environment she's in, which I would take over a chill baby any day!

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