Sunday, July 10, 2011

Destin Daze

Day One

Saturday was a very long day. We got up at 1:30am and packed up the truck. Whitey (my dad's truck) was loaded down. We all got in and were on our way by 2am. 5 minutes down the road, Kylie began telling knock knock jokes. I could see how wonderful the 10 hour car ride was going to be... ;)
We drove until 7 when we stopped to have breakfast. Madi and Kylie played in the play area to work off some energy before we jumped back in the car.

Madi and Kylie played for awhile in the car before going back to sleep. This was pretty much how the entire car ride went. Sleep, play, eat, and repeat. They were so good!

We stopped and had lunch at Cracker Barrel, did some shopping in the Destin Commons where we had ice cream and did some shopping. Then, headed to the condo. We unpacked our stuff and got settled. I couldn't wait for Madi to see the beach so I took her out to see the ocean. She didn't like the sand one bit. She'll have to get used to it, I guess :)

Kylie was so excited too. She was chomping at the bit to get in the water!

Day Two

We went out to the beach hoping for two things, 1) Madi would get used to the ocean/sand and 2) that the seaweed would be a little lighter. Niether happened but we still had a good time, we just spent quite a bit of time at the pool. Here are some pictures from today :)

Day Three

I didn't take very many pictures today because we were rather lazy all day. Also, it rained the last half of the day so we all hung out inside.

Madi and I took a nap together this morning and when she woke up, I was pretending like I was still asleep. I opened one eye to see her sit up and sleepily open her eyes and grin at me. She spit out her sucker and leaned down to give me a kiss, replaced her sucker and laid back down. She fell back asleep within seconds. I wanted to just eat her up, but I figured she might wake up ;) I love when she does that. She's been loving all day. I can't get enough!

I will post some more adorable pictures tomorrow, hopefully the weather will improve :) until then, we're enjoying the relaxing weather.

Day Four

This morning, my dad went out for glazed donuts and kolaches, when he came back he said that "The Donut Hole" didn't have either. WHO DOES THAT?!
Anyway, we went to the Gulfarium today since it was cloudy outside (or so we thought) and hung out with the local marine life. Kylie and I fed stingrays, we watched the dolphin shows, saw a rather scary sleeping alligator and talked to a bird named charlie. Madi was scared of the shows but enjoyed seeing the animals on her own.

We came home and went to the beach for about an hour. Madi fell asleep on a towel. Every one walking by pointed, oohed and ahhed, which makes sense. She looked so cute sunning on her tiger towel. Afterwards, we came to the pool and she flirted with 3 year old blonde country boys before we headed inside for the night. :)

Day Five

Today, I got a chance to sit on the beach and get some sun. Madi went to the store with my mom and then came back to the condo and took a nap. So, I have a bad sunburn now, lol. But I was happy to have the time to just sit and enjoy the beach.

We went to the elephant walk to shop and look around. We found that there was a lot more games and things than really shopping. I went inside a plastic hamster ball and made a fool of myself ontop of a shallow kiddy pool, later kylie did too. Then we had dinner at a pizzeria before kylie bungy jumped (kid style) above trampolines. We all had a really good time :)

Day Six

Today was a pretty sad day as it was the last full day for us in Destin. We have dreaded this day since we got here and it came up entirely too fast. Madi and I didn't get out into the water until around 2pm because we napped pretty much all morning. She's been so lazy this week (not that I'm complaining!) but everyone else hit the pool pretty early. We went to dinner at Cheeseburger In Paradise before coming home and packing. We plan on heading out around 2am so let the packing begin! :(

-Miss Taylor

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