Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Little Peek

Most know, but for those who don't, I keep a journal for Madi that's filled with letters and blurbs from me about her milestones and her cute little traits. I've written in it since I found out that I was pregnant with her and I hope that one day when she's older, she'll enjoy reading about the wonderful little baby that she is/was. So, since she's about to turn 10 months old, I figure I would share with you the 9 Months section of her journal :) here goes.

- You sing in the car to the radio when your trying to go to sleep, and when Mimi is dancing you to sleep. Mimi LOVES that!

- The pool is one of your favorite places to be. You splash and giggle when it goes on your face. You push off of me and try to swim away!

6/1/11: Instead of playing with bags, you reach inside of them to fnd what they hold. I always encouraged you to look inside when you were younger but you never quite understood, until now. When I put on my makeup, you dig things out of the multicolored bag and have a blast with all the stuff :)

6/2/11: you reached for Uncle Michael today for the first time. He smiled so big because usually you hide your face and cry when he takes you.

- You've learned what "kiss" means. When someone tells you to kiss them, you lean towards them with your mouth wide open. And you'll "byebye kiss" just about anyone, haha. You also kiss the babies in your board books.

6/5/11: Kylie, Nonna, You and I were all in the livingroom today. Nonna and I were having a conversation and Kylie was trying to tell us something so she yelled over us. I yelled over her, jokingly, and you wanted to be apart of the fun so you screamed as loud as you could. It was so funny. Now when it's loud, you just sit and yell too.

- You can say Mimi, but it sounds more like mehmeh. And your starting to say "baby" and "papaw/pawpaw"

- You whistle when I tell you too! (smartest baby ever!)

- Your feet are too fat for shoes, of ANY kind!

- When you poop, you lay on the ground in the army crawl position. (I know you're going to kill me when you're older for publishing this on the internet, but it's just too cute not to share)

- You point now. Last night (6/23/11) I took you outside to see Pawpaw and he was working in the garden. You reached for him, hugged him and gave him a big kiss. Then you pointed at the back door to their house because you wanted to go see Granny. He almost had a fit, he thought it was so cute.

- You are always eating! Your favorite snacks are Graduates Lil' Crunchies Mild Cheddar "Cheetos." We go through several cans a week. Daddy thinks they're pretty tasty too (and cousin Cole)

- You dance whenever you hear music. You mostly just wave your hand and bounce. Nonna swears that you were a very religious woman in a previous life because you look like your holding your hand up to say Hallelujah. Beat It by Michael Jackson gets you really going :)

- Bathtime is arguably your favorite time of day.

- When I say "puppy" you freak out! (in a good way)

Photo credit: Melisa Thacker

-Miss Taylor

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