Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The First of Many

Yesterday was the first day of many that I had both Madi and my niece Kylie. Madi didn't wake up until almost 11am so Kylie and I had quite a while to brainstorm what we were going to do for the rest of the day. She decided she wanted to have an outdoor scavenger hunt first thing so we drafted a list of things like, "a leaf an insect has chewed on, a feather, a white rock, etc" and after Madi woke up and ate breakfast, we headed outside. It quickly turned into me hunting for the things and Kylie simply fetching them and marking them off of the list. I went and put Madi in her swing and told Kylie where she could find the remaining items on her list. She decided she was tired so we headed inside to get ready to meet Nonna at Chickfila for lunch. It was a complete madhouse! You couldn't walk in a straight line for more than 2 feet without running into someone. We finally found a table (with the help of a cleaning lady who gave us a helpful wink and head nod towards an emptying table). We all ate and headed back home.

While Madi took a nap, Kylie and I prepared the next activity. She wanted to do a Pirate scavenger hunt this time. I made a start card and clues like, Find the giant white vessel filled with water and connected to the ground (toilet) and, Seek out the enchanted box with moving pictures (TV). Eventually, it led to treasure (a box filled with paper money). It was actually pretty fun and it made Kylie think about household items in a very different way.

Outdoor scavenger hunt

Taking a nap after lunch

Asleep in the swing while Kylie swims

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