Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Overly Extraordinary

So, I've never blogged before but I figure hey, I'll try it. Here goes. My name is Taylor and I'm a 17 year old single mother of a wonderful little girl named Madilyn (Madi). I'm in college studying Education. My dream ever since I was a kid was to become an elementary teacher. Kids give me hope and right now, my entire focus is on pursuing that dream. I can't wait to get into the classroom and spend every day with them. Frankly, if I had to spend my life behind a desk dealing with adults all day, I would probably end up jumping out of a window. But anyway, I guess that's all for now. When something overly extraordinary happens, I'll update :) adios.

-Miss Taylor

This little girl right here is my everything.


  1. Being a teacher is a noble profession. Being a mom is an even nobler profession. You will (and do), excel! xox


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